If you decide to spend your holidays in Zagreb unavoidable is to decide about the right place to spend your vacation in. Surely you are interested in renting a place near the very same center of Zagreb, but also in avoiding all the crowds that come with it. Perhaps you are looking for a place nearby the best nightlife in Zagreb or a place to enjoy nature walks and its calmness. If you need a place to be all of that and to have the most affordable prices you can find, we suggest you to visit Rooms and Apartments Altis. 6 km from the center of the city (public transportation available), 2.5 km from Lake Jarun where the best nightlife is, 3.5 km away from Lake Bundek (to enjoy your nature walks) and only 500 m from Golf and Country club Zagreb- a thrill for Golf fans and players. Comfortable accommodation, reasonable prices and allways available hospitality will make you come again!