Traveling on business in Zagreb so you definitely need peace and good quality sleep to do their job. This is exactly what you will find in our rooms and suites Altis.

Daily rent apartment and rooms in ZagrebWe are located in a quiet neighborhood of Zagreb, 300 meters southwest of the largest shopping center in Zagreb – Arena and the impressive sports hall Arena Zagreb.

Our rooms and suites are air-conditioned and equipped with orthopedic mattresses, comfortable bathrooms and apartments with kitchens and dishes, and with all that – and free Wi-Fi and parking in front of the house.

While meeting the high level of quality and comfort, and cleanliness, the price of our rooms and suites are very convenient, for example, single room price is 25 euros, and double rooms 37 euros.

Traffic are well connected with all parts of Zagreb and in a way that you can avoid traffic jams Zagreb.
Our guests are coming back regularly so that we are confident that we will see you again if you decide to spend the night with us!