Are you interested in low-cost apartments in Zagreb? Currently, we have up to 30% discount on the price of each unit! Moreover, We offer a studio apartment at the price of 42 Eur for 2 persons.

Studio apartments are very well equipped and are great choice both for short or longer stay.
Each studio apartment has air conditioning, en-suite bathroom, kitchen with refrigerator and dishes, LCD TV, WIFI and anatomic mattrasses. We offer clean linen and towels.

Apartments in Zagreb? We have affordable prices and great quality at the same time!Referring to the cleanliness, we are proud of providing the best accommodation in Zagreb, extremly clean and comfortable. Each room and apartment is thoroughly cleaned after each guest.

Also, for all our guests we offer free parking lot.

Rooms and Apartments Altis are located at the western part of Zagreb – New Zagreb (Lanište).

In our neighbourghood, You can find the largest and most famous shopping center in Zagreb called Arena Center, which is located only 400 meters from our place. There You can find many interesting shops and boutique, as well as many different restaurants, cafes, cinemas, IMAX, bowling, billiard, etc.

Furthermore, You can find the largest concert and sports arena in Croatia – Arena Zagreb just 700 meters away. In our neighbourghood, You can also find: Golf&Country Club Zagreb, Museum of Modern Art, several other shopping centers, as well as many different sports courts and swimming pools.

Our offer consists of single rooms, double rooms and studio apartments. For example, prices for double rooms range from 34 Eur per night to 37 Eur if You decide to take  a double room with a kitchenette.

Apartments in Zagreb? We have affordable prices and great quality at the same time!A few tips on transport in Zagreb

Our guests frequently ask us questions about transport in Zagreb.

As for cars, you only need to pay attention preferably not to go to the city center in the period of rush hour (7-9 a.m., 4-6 p.m.) because then you could get into the crowd and loose lots of time.

Trams and buses are available in all parts of Zagreb and the price for the 1.5 hour ride costs 2 Eur. All-day ticket will cost You  6 Eur.

You can buy a ticket in every newsstand. If You go by car, the easiest way to find a parking (and the cheapest one) is to go to the public garage.

Taxi is now relatively affordable and You will pay for 5 kilometers around 5 Eur.