If you are looking for affordable accommodation in Zagreb – hotel, motel or questhouse. You  are at the right place because Altis rooms and suites offer the best!

Our location is extremely good  for tourist because you are close enaugh to the city center while you’re far enough from the frequent traffic jams in city center.

Accommodation (hotels, motels, questhouse) in Zagreb? Chose the best!We are located only 400 meters from Arena Center that today is one of the centers of social and entertainment life in Zagreb.

In your search for accommodation (hotels, motels, hostels) in New Zagreb, we believe that apart from the location our big advantage are the  prices that we offer.

For start, we offer single rooms, double rooms and studio apartments.

We offer single rooms from 25 euros and double room from 37 euros.

We can say  that we are among the best accommodation providers in Zagreb!

Apart from the price, we would like to point out that our accommodation in Zagreb is extremely modern and well equipped.

All rooms are air conditioned and have a separate toilet and bathroom. Throughout the house there is a Wi-Fi coverage. Parking is provided and fully secure.

One of our biggest advantages is cleanliness. How many times have you been at hotel where you found hair on the sheets or in the bathroom, and we assume that this really bother you?

For this reason, an extraordinary effort we put to our rooms and studio apartments is clean.

We hope to see you as soon! If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us!